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Posted by samepage on 01-Mar-2017 05:45

I have 2 Rollbase accounts (Public). Exporting XML from one (DEV)  to create an identical test (TEST) environment seems to provide a number of discrepancies

Note - I update the application without deleting the current version of it in the Test environment.

1. Dashboard layout is not rendered correctly from the DEV to TEST - the charts are laid out very differently

2. The list view defaults back to a grid option (even though the grid button is not enabled)

3. Random records are left in the application file - some are deleted some are retained. There is only one seed record configured for this file so we should only see one record

4. Some files retain their data - some lose it - should all data be wiped - and then only seed records be populated - OR - doe the install add data to the existing records in an environment?


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Posted by samepage on 14-Mar-2017 09:58

Can aynybody help on this please - causing me problems now....

Posted by Shiva Duriseati on 21-Mar-2017 08:50

Hi Rob,

Is the problem resolved? If not please log a support ticket so that we discuss through screen share.



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