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Posted by anu31221@gmail.com on 21-Feb-2017 23:46

Is there way to get the original ID for templates

I wanted to create email template and then depoy that to multiple Zones, we need Original ID to map with Drip campaign?

Do we think if Original ID will be not possible to retreive  then we should use Inegration Code?

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Posted by Manooj Murali on 22-Feb-2017 00:13

The original id of the email template created in one tenant will not change wherever the app is deployed. So, you can use the original id from the dev environment always. If you want to use the id of the template, then you might want to check out our getIdByOriginalId api.

Posted by anu31221@gmail.com on 22-Feb-2017 06:35

How do we get Original ID in query. Query only give ID and Inegration code.

Posted by Manooj Murali on 22-Feb-2017 09:28

What query is this?

Posted by anu31221@gmail.com on 03-Nov-2017 05:31

How to retrieve Original ID of the email template from select query?

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