How to enable/disable selector field on grid control after s

Posted by Janani Nayanathara on 21-Feb-2017 00:50


I want to set a selector field on a grid control after I set its value.

I tried using rbf_setFieldDisabled() but it is not working for grid controlls. 

Can anyone suggest a way to perform this?



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Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 26-Feb-2017 21:54

rbf_setFiedDisabled client-side API is not available for GridControl form fields, as it does not take rowNo into account.

With NewUI, we have introduced Revised Grid Control and is well integrated with NewUI client-side SDK.

For any GridControl field, you can get a FieldContext JS object reference via this API method rbf_getGridFieldContext(gridNo, rowIndex, fieldName).

A FieldContext object API allows you to interact with form fields in a NewUI page independent of field type, kendo widget type and whether it is part of a GridControl or top level form field.

For details on FieldContext Object Interface, please see:

In this case, you may use the following snippet as a reference:

var gridFieldContext = rbf_getGridFieldContext(0, 1, 'status');

gridFieldContext && gridFieldContext.enable(false);

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