get the value selected of a picklist

Posted by abirRR on 16-Feb-2017 08:56

hi , 

I am trying to display the value selected of my picklist on an alert using :

1.  rbf_selectValue("SELECT [field] FROM object  ") 

2.  #EVAL[{!status#code}] 

it display an error . how can I solve it ? 

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Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 19-Feb-2017 03:33

Abir, can you please provide some additional details.

1. Page Type.

Record List Page. For Record List page, where there is no single record in context you will need to use a select query API variant like rbf_selectValue and add a where clause to ensure a single record is available in result set.

Record View/Details page: You can directly use a token here such as {!status#code} or {!status#value} where status is integration name of picklist field

Record Edit/New/Status Change Form Pages: For form pages to retreive value of a form control consider using client-side api rbf_getPicklistCode(). Else use tokens as state above to retreive  currently set value.

2. For Picklist are you trying to retrieve integration code/id/value?

3. If you are still seeing errors, please share error details. Also, if you could create a sample app demonstrating the issue and share in this forum thread it will help in resolving the issue quickly and steadfastly.

Posted by abir bs on 20-Feb-2017 03:28

hi , thank you Mohammed Siraj for replying.

so , I need to display on alert or console.log the value selected of the picklist (type :status workflow) .

you can find a simple exemple attached. in the object person , exactly the record : leika TH ; need to get the status (see the script on the design page of Vue Person ) .

is it clear ? if not please ask for more detail .

tkx .         


Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 20-Feb-2017 03:40

Abir, have reviewed the app you have shared. It required a very minor correction in the script component.

For tokens that evalute to string literals, we need to include them in quotes as follows:

console.log('{!status#value}') ;

Have also attached the corrected app for your reference.


Posted by abir bs on 20-Feb-2017 03:52

it is working , thank you :)

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