Access data (share data) over mutiple tenants

Posted by Wim on 12-Feb-2017 04:59

Hi, We need to know how to achieve the following:

Many tenants need to be able to use 'shared' data in tables(objects) such as data for isoLanguage, isoCountry etc.

(we think we need about 60 objects for that purpose)

Can we achieve this by using Rollbase External Objects (in -seperate- Rollbase database)?

If so do we need to develop that in the master tenant or in a specific tenant that we mark as an external object/database.

Please explain to us.

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Posted by Manooj Murali on 20-Feb-2017 08:16

A similar post from the past

Yes, you can use Rollbase external objects and/or Rollbase support for generic JDBC based external tables (documented for your use case. The advice would always be to create tenants instead of using the Master tenant. The Master tenant should in most cases be for administrative purposes only.

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