[4.2] - Creating a new submenu creates another record list

Posted by IramK on 13-Jan-2017 03:21


I have a record list for an object and every time I create a new submenu item, it creates a new record list page attached to this menu. Is there a way to select an existing record list for that submenu item?



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Posted by Shivani Silveri on 30-Jan-2017 06:17

Hi IramK,

Currently, there is no possible way to select an existing record list as a Menu Item.



Posted by IramK on 30-Jan-2017 06:22

Hello [mention:c8388c33ca664b64bc3e10bafc6cbbec:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] ,

Does that mean it'll keep creating new record lists every time I add a new menu? Also, if I click "Clear" on the new/old menu's, it sometimes goes to the wrong record list.

For E.g.: If I create a new menu called "User Activities List 2", add a detailed search component to it with some configuration, perform a search and click clear, it takes me to the original list i.e. "User Activities List". This seems likea bug to me.



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