[4.2] - Issue with migrating Reports to a different tenant

Posted by IramK on 10-Jan-2017 04:37


I was trying to migrate my reports to a different tenant and was having issues doing that. Please read through the following:

1) Firstly, I have an email template that uses a reports URL to allow the user to click on it and get directed to that page in the tenant.

For example: {!#REPORT.JscqM6xGR6-RhSpTn5D1LA#url} - Using this in an email template gives me this: https://test.com/prod1/servlet/Template?hint=report&reportId=4877128 and shows the html of the page rather than the actual report in the tenant. This looks like a bug.

2) Report Id's change when migrating from one tenant to another, so what is the best way to either construct the url for the report or use a token that would work across tenants?

For example: https://test.com/prod1/m/main.jsp?act=clean&pageId=14393&reportId=4877128 - The reportId and the pageId changes when the tenant changes.

Kindly let me know.



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