How can I make a value in a selector/picklist selected by de

Posted by Ruben Dröge on 06-Jan-2017 02:44

I have 3 objects: cars, owners and parking lots:
cars & owners are RB native objects and parking lots is an external object.
In the lookup field properties of 'parking lot' on the new page of the object car, I have a primary search action on 'cars - owners' and a linked search action on 'parking lot - owners'.
This works fine and leaves me (because of the cardinalities between the objects) always with one result record.

Why isn't this record automatically selected / is there a way to automatically select this record?

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Posted by Vasantha on 09-Jan-2017 04:58

Hi Rube,

Are you looking for a similar behavior discussed here



Posted by Ruben Dröge on 01-Feb-2017 01:52

Scripting this client-side is one way of solving this. But I would like to see this handled server-side.

Because the server is aware that only one record was retrieved it would be nice if such a record is automatically selected.

Created an idea for this:

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