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Posted by mnashi on 05-Jan-2017 09:01

I have following questions regarding creating sandboxes for development, test and production instances:

1. What is the process for creating sandbox on hosted cloud? If we want to copy the existing data to a new sandbox, are there any utilities or steps to follow which can make this activity smoother?

2. I see that rollbase doesn't allow to reuse the same email id more than once because it is tied to userid. In my opinion this will impede creating sandboxes because the users will have to create new set of email ids for every sanbox created. Are there any plans for delinking emails ids from user ids?

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Posted by Vasantha on 09-Jan-2017 01:25

Hi Mahantesh Nahi,

Progress provides an easy way to offer free trials for any of your applications for 30 days. After that, based on your requirement you can avail the Rollbase license.

Details on Rollbase pricing :

Refer the following documentations for information on managing the customer tenants.

On hosted Rollbase, you can switch to a different tenant if you have an account on that tenant with the same email address. This is useful if your organization runs different applications on different tenants and you need to access those applications.



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