Posted by Edilberto Mariño Moya on 04-Jan-2017 13:45

Hi all

I need help.

This is a trigger to send SMS

//var url="usr@dominio.com:xxxxx@www.elibom.com/.../messages";
var url="www.elibom.com/.../messages";

var params={"To":"573105582821","text":"Enviado desde IMPEL"};
var method='POST';
var contentType='application/json; charset=UTF-8';
var username='usr@dominio.com';
var password='xxxx';
var headers=null;

var request=rbv_api.sendJSONRequest(url, params, method, contentType, username, password,headers);

Bedugging formula, I recive next error:

Error  Could not generate DH keypair (line #14) in formula:

Can you help me?

Best regards

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Posted by Karthikeyan Bhaskaran on 12-Jan-2017 00:30
This question is being followed up via Support case.
Further investigation shows that the code works without issue in RB 4.4.1.
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