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Posted by ssouthwe on 03-Jan-2017 11:44

I'm trying to write a Rollbase app to replace something I currently use a physical whiteboard for.  I thought it might be a good exercise to try to learn Rollbase.

On my whiteboard, I have three columns:

Stories due this week, stories due next week, and stories that are unslotted.

For my Rollbase app, I'd like to have a page with slotted stories in the left panel, and unslotted story ideas on the right side.  

I have a story object defined, and views defined, but I can't seem to get more than one view from the same object on a page at a time.  

Every time I place the first view, it's removed from the list of available items that I can place on the page.  Is there some workaround?

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Posted by ssouthwe on 18-Jan-2017 10:01


Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 19-Jan-2017 02:20

Yes, presently this is a restriction in Rollbase, wherein only one ListView component is allowed on a page for each Object Definition.

As a workaroud, you can consider definig a HTML Report for the 'Stories' Object Definition. This report can directly work against existing view definitions and consolidate items from multiple views into one report in the desired layout.

For more details on Reports, please refer:

Posted by ajsharma on 23-Jan-2017 01:30


Thanks for your post. To answer your requirement/query on rollbase of having multi-column layout on the page to manage white board capability in Rollbase app. I would suggest you to have a look & experience one of our free sample app which is “Kanban Task Manager” in our market place.

Here is the link of application in marketplace, which you can install & experience the same.


Ajay Sharma

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