Card Migration issue in Rollbase Version 4.5 (Beta)

Posted by Simon Tregloan-Reed on 15-Dec-2016 10:37

HI All,

I've been having quite a few errors and bugs with setting up cards for my objects in Rollbase Version 4.2 that I've decided to migrate my applications over to a beta version (4.5) release in an attempt to fix some, if not all, of the problems.

I've migrated the applications over successfully but the cards, included in the xml files, don't show up in the list of cards available in either the design page or the live preview sections.

Have I missed something here or is version 4.5 just as buggy as 4.2 ( when it comes to cards)?

Kind Regards,

Simon Tregloan-Reed

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Posted by Ranjana sinha on 16-Dec-2016 04:43

Hi Simon,

If possible could you please share the app.xml with us. We will get back with resolution.


Ranjana Sinha

Posted by Ranjana sinha on 19-Dec-2016 00:29

Also, could you please refer

Similar issue faced by other customer. If it still does not resolve please get back.

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