System Error- Input length must be multiple of 16 when decry

Posted by Ajit Bansude on 14-Dec-2016 11:00

Hello Everyone,

i'm using Rollbase Private Cloud, version

i'm genarating PDF document using 'Create New Record' Trigger and 'Create Template Document' Trigger. it is generated.

but when i'm trying to open pdf it showing me this error. i'm new in this platform and i don't undrestand how to solve this..

please help me in this thanks in advance...


Ajit Bansude

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Posted by stayal on 14-Dec-2016 11:42

Hi Ajit,

Can you please give us AllErrors.log file ?



Posted by Ajit Bansude on 14-Dec-2016 12:06

Hello stayal,

thanks for replay..

can you please help me to replicate the steps how can i get AllErrors.log file?

thanks and regards,

ajit bansude

Posted by stayal on 14-Dec-2016 12:44

Hi Ajit ,

Here are the steps to get AllErrors.log

1. Log into the master account.

2. Go to System Console App, go to drop-down menu of System & then from there go to Master Zone.

3.There you will see 'Logs Related to All Customers' , clicking that pops up a window with all the log files.There you will find the AllErrors.log.



Posted by Ajit Bansude on 15-Dec-2016 11:43

Hi stayal,

thanks to you..

but i don't have Rights to access AllErrors.log file.

please tell me if you have some other alternatives.


ajit bansude

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