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Posted by Janani Nayanathara on 13-Dec-2016 09:44

Even though the rollbase screens are responsive for mobile phones and tablets, the grid controls are not responsive and the mobile screen with is not enough for the fields.

Is there a way we can vertically arrange the fields of the Grid control? or is there any fix for this in the latest versions?

(I am using Rollbase 4.3 on private cloud)

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Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 19-Dec-2016 00:16

Presently we support only a fixed Table Layout for GridControl component.

Can you please post an enhancement request for Responsive Layout support as well.

Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 18-Jan-2017 04:56

Grid Control - Reponsive Layout has been implemented on the release branch. It will be available as part of the forthcoming major/minor Rollbase release.

You can register for our early access programme and review this feature on Rollbase EAP environment.

Posted by Janani Nayanathara on 19-Jan-2017 05:49

Thank you Siraj,

At the moment I recently upgraded to rollbase 4.4 on private cloud. Which version is this fixed?

Posted by Ruben Dröge on 19-Jan-2017 06:14

On EAP (early access programme), so it hasn't been fixed in any General Available release as of yet.

Could be 4.5, could be later.

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