[4.2] - Inline editing - HTML Rich Textarea field

Posted by IramK on 08-Dec-2016 05:28


When I select the "allow inline editing" option for a textarea field and then allow the HTML Rich text editor option for it, the inline editing pencil doesn't come up for that field. Is that something that is done by design? Can we not have inline editing for rich textarea fields?



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Posted by Saraswathi Krishnan on 14-Dec-2016 08:34

When the HTML Rich text editor option is set then the inline editing feature is not available. This is done by design. In the old UI, when the HTML Rich Text editor option is enabled, the inline editing property 'This field allows inline editing from view pages by clicking on icon'  is not available, this option should not be displayed in the New UI which is a bug.



Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 20-Dec-2016 00:02

Inline-editing support for TextArea fields is currently NOT available in case Rich Text editors are enabled.

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