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Posted by on 06-Dec-2016 20:33

1>Is it possible to include the previous message during the email send from rollbase?

2> While sending the email to single contact, is it possible to select the contact email address

steps to reproduce

Click the single contact

Go to More action and send to

It doesn't select the email address of the contact

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Posted by on 06-Dec-2016 22:50

Seems like a bug to me, after clicking Send/Send To I believe the email should be pre-populated since you're already coming from the contact record.

For this type of requirement, I suggest you instead use a "Send Email" type of workflow action since you'll be able to preset the email(s) there as well as use an email template if you choose to.

Hope this helps.

Posted by Karthikeyan Bhaskaran on 19-Jun-2017 22:53
Hello Anu,

For Q1, if Conversation is the same as the Communication Log, you could create an Email Template with the Communication Log token added to it.

Then, either through More Actions > Send To on the List View page, with the record selected, or from the Record View page > Send, you can choose the template, and then continue composing the email message.

Q2: I gather you are opening the Record View page - I have not looked at the older versions regarding the page content for the Send action.
But, in the present version, 4.5.0, from the "Send To" action on the List View page, you get the existing record attached to the mail (you also get an option to send to a different email address). On the other hand, if you open the record, and choose "Send" from the More Actions menu, it does not pre-populate the email address or the record.
Send / Send To are invoking two different pages, and the content rendered is different.

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