[4.2] - Creating formula field from a report

Posted by IramK on 15-Nov-2016 03:26


There is an option to create a new formula field from a report, however, the helpers aren't available as provided in the screenshot. Please let me know when a fix is available for this.



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Posted by Saraswathi Krishnan on 24-Nov-2016 00:27

From which type of report are you performing this action, can you please provide the steps to reproduce?

Posted by Karthikeyan Bhaskaran on 22-Dec-2016 03:29
Iram, I tested this on rollbase.com, and this is still an with Tabular Report.
There is a defect 19187 for this, but exact fix dates are not available.

Workaround: Create Formula field from Field definition section and use that in the Tabular report. (I expect you are using that already)
Posted by IramK on 22-Dec-2016 04:00

Ok thanks Karthikeyan.. Please keep us updated with a release date.



Posted by IramK on 04-May-2017 09:33

Would this be fixed in V5.0?

Posted by Ramana Kaza on 19-May-2017 03:56

Sorry Iram. This is not prioritized for v5.0.

Posted by Ramana Kaza on 19-May-2017 04:00

Sorry, Iram. This is not prioritized for v5.0

Posted by IramK on 19-May-2017 07:03

Please close this once the issue has been resolved.



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