Multiple Users Able to Edit the Record at the Same Time

Posted by DuBose Griffin on 14-Nov-2016 12:38

We have an issue where user #1 is editing a record and for the first couple of minutes, the record cannot be edited by user #2 in the same tenant zone. This is the behavior we expect. However, if we wait a little longer (about 5 minutes), user#2 could edit the record but not save it. When user #2 tried to save, it then returned a message that the record was locked. This is not what we expected. The security setting for this zone is set to Low. So, we would expect that the user #2 could not edit the record at all for 240 minutes (4 hours) (minutes to wait before expiring record lock).
Does anyone understand by initially user #2 could not edit the record, but very shortly thereafter, user #2 could edit the record but not save.
Thank you,
DuBose Griffin

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