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Posted by IramK on 01-Nov-2016 06:22


Currently, there are options for adding/modifying code through script components and managing it is ok if the code sections and script components are smaller. However, when there are lots of manipulations/script components on certain pages, it becomes really difficult to manage, identify and debug issues. With regards to this, are there any plans for providing support for a Github or Source Control integration?

This probably might be a post for the ideas section, however, I would like to know if this is something that has been planned for a future release or an upcoming release.



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Posted by Santosh Patel on 01-Nov-2016 06:35

This is an item on the roadmap and your should see some work around it in Q2/Q3 2017. There is nothing concrete that we can share right now.

Posted by mnashi on 19-Mar-2017 11:55

Is there any status on this? As more enterprise customers start adapting Rollbase, it will become critical to have a support for full stack of devOps. I will be interested in knowing what's being planned and how it will be implemented.

Posted by murali on 20-Mar-2017 06:10
Hi, Git integration is in our backlog for sure. It will be scheduled for Q4 17 or Q1 18
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