JSDO Object.defineProperty issue

Posted by dora.husaru on 26-Oct-2016 05:52


I am trying to get some data from the server using JSDO, and on my local machine it works, but on the client's one there is an older version of Internet Explorer (IE7) and I get an error "Object doesn't support this action" on Object.defineProperty from the progress.js and progress.session.js files.

Is there any way to solve this issue without upgrading to a newer browser version?

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Posted by egarcia on 26-Oct-2016 08:16

Hello Dora,

The JSDO uses the Object.defineProperty() function and the XMLHttpRequest object which are available in new versions of JavaScript but are not available in Internet Explorer 7.



Even though it would be possible to implement wrappers for them, it is better to upgrade from Internet Explorer 7 just for security reasons. The latest version of IE or other web browser (Google Chrome or Firefox) should work fine.

Are you developing a web app or a mobile app?



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