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Posted by mtakeshi on 21-Oct-2016 09:03


I have a 3 objects  “clientes”, “empreendimentos”, “Lotes”

The objects “empreendimentos” have a relationship  one “empreendimentos” to many “Lotes”

And the object “clientes” have a relantionship with “lotes” object with a 1 “cliente” to 1 “lotes” and a relationship with “empreendimentos”, many “Clientes” to 1 “empreendimentos”


In the “cliente” screen a I have a the lookup field for “empreendimentos”  the main lookup is “client – Lote” and the link lookup is “empreendimento – lote”


In the “new cliente” screen when I choose one “empreendimento”  the Lote pick list will show just the “lotes” associate with that “empreendimento”


My problem is when i create a “cliente” record and select a “lote” that lote associate with this record couldn’t be associate with other records.


For example if a create a “cliente” record, and in this record I choose “empreendimento1” and “Lote2” the “Lote2” option need to be disable or can’t be selected again.



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Posted by mpiscoso@gmail.com on 24-Nov-2016 22:49

I think that if you change the Lote lookup's render type from Picklist to Lookup render type you should be able to set a list view where you can specify the filter "empreendimento is empty". By logic it should filter out all Lotes that already have related empreendimentos.

Please reply to this thread to confirm or reject if my assumption worked or not.

Hope that helps.

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