Add values dynamically to a picklist on new UI

Posted by Florin Drule on 20-Oct-2016 07:22


Does anybody know if it is possible to add values to a picklist dynamically rather than predefined values on the new UI? 

From what I see, on the new UI the picklists are not built using the <select> tag, but instead of this, the <ul> <li> are used inside a <div>.

Also, each picklist has a related <select> field containing all the predefined values, which is not displayed on the screen and when changing this <select> option, the values from the list are changed as well.

I have eventually managed to dynamically fill a picklist values using jquery, but the issue is that I cannot change the picklist selected value.

Please let me know if you encountered this kind of issue or if you know another solution to dinamically fill a picklist with values (using some KENDO UI functions for example).

Thank you in advance.

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Posted by Mayank Kumar on 24-Oct-2016 05:35

Hello Florin,

Getting the kendo config and adding values will only add the item to the UI representation of the picklist. We cannot add values dynamically to the picklist. So, even if you add items to the picklist (changed the UI), you won't be able to save the record with the new item values.



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