Multi language selection only shows base language

Posted by Wim on 17-Oct-2016 02:42


We have a multi Language application, not oly for pages and labels but also for stored information. On our SERVICODE object we have a code like A4009 and we have three fields on the description of that code and also one search field of each code. (We use 1 base language and 2 other languages; Dutch and French.) Now when we use this code in an orderline two things should happen:

1. Is we search for a code the description-search field of the servicecode object is shown, only one field shows up that is ok, but it is the base language field; I would need the french/dutch field information (depending on the users language setting)

2. When a code is choosen we have a trigger that fills the description field of the orderline; we would need the description of the servicecode-object in the language that is connected to the user, but the system only gives me the base language.

Can somebody please clarify and hand out a solution, thanks in advance;

Regards Wim

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Posted by Thierry Ciot on 17-Oct-2016 16:16


In V4.4, we are making improvements to the API to support additional language.  If you have an account on, you could try these now and let us know if these changes are sufficient for your need.


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