Error failure getting record lock in system error page

Posted by Jorrit on 13-Oct-2016 10:15


We have a private cloud v 4.1.1

1 tenant with 200 users and getting a lot of errors about failure getting record lock from table.....


[DataDirect][OpenEdge JDBC Driver][OpenEdge] Failure getting record lock on a record from table DBADMIN.RB_OBJ_DATA. 

can anybody help met with this?

Regards Jorrit

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Posted by andrew.clifford on 13-Oct-2016 15:24

Hello Jorrit,

It looks like you're using an OpenEdge database at the backend; during my testing I found that Rollbase creates a VAST number of record locks by accessing records using sharelocks all the time.

There are some minor changes you can make such as changing the Transaction Isolation Level to Read Uncommited - but this can trigger other problems.

The only real workaround I found was to set the number of lock entries on the database to an equaly large number. If you have access to the OpenEdge Tools you can use promon to easily see just how many locks are created for even the simplest actions.

Not an answer just my experience.

Posted by Jorrit on 14-Oct-2016 04:31

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your message,

I have started promon and find the next in the locking table:

Type   Usr:Ten   Name           Domain                 Record                Trans               Schema

Lock 99999       TOTAL...            0          21072732510                27777                    0

We already have set the -L parameter to 400000

Also noticed that the Wait on semaphore is high:

Wait on semaphore                 3549279             692            11.53            0.42

Can anybody help me with this.

Regards Jorrit

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