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Posted by stephen.vanrooyen on 06-Oct-2016 07:29

Hi All,


I’m currently working on a proof of concept for a Customer on Rollbase Private Cloud v4.3.

I need some assistance with regards to how Rollbase implements multi-tenancy.

I’ve included an image to best illustrate my problem:

Is it possible to manage All the Employee from All the Tenants?

Would an ISV Partner role be able to view All the Employee records from All of its Tenants?


If it is possible how would I implement it? If not, what are my options?



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Posted by Vasantha on 07-Oct-2016 04:59

Hi Stephen,

ISV Partner role has the ability to create and manage customer tenants.

Refer the following documentation for more details.



Posted by stephen.vanrooyen on 07-Oct-2016 05:34
Hi Vasantha,
Thanks for responding, but this does not answer my question.
I’m am aware that the ISV role can manage customer tenants.
My question is actually how do you access Object records across multiple tenants?
Posted by Santosh Patel on 08-Oct-2016 03:07

Rollbase does not allowing sharing objects and their data across tenants, today.

You can circumvent this by creating objects against external tables either on your own database (private cloud) or datadirect cloud (public cloud). This means that there is just one copy of data and both your tenants share it. Check documentation here

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