Currency symbol based on Locale setting

Posted by mnashi on 26-Sep-2016 06:35

How to show currency symbol based on either localization or locale setting? Know there is an option to change the currency  format for a field, but this would require modifying the format for all currency fields manually whenever we want to deploy the application to different countries. 

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Posted by Manooj Murali on 26-Sep-2016 06:47

Currently currencies can be only configured at the field level and doesn't use locale/localization settings. Can you please check out our Multi-currency support and see if that helps,

Posted by mnashi on 27-Sep-2016 22:26

If we set the currency symbol in field configuration, does it get overwritten whenever a new version of the application is pushed to the tenant?

Posted by Vasantha on 28-Sep-2016 02:37

If the field is created on Tenant then it will not get overridden.

Posted by Manooj Murali on 28-Sep-2016 04:49

That depends. There is a provision to override changes during app update which when checked will override the currency field settings. In your case, may be you can avoid checking that. But, this provision is not on a per field basis so either everything gets overridden or nothing. This can become a problem for you when you want the app updates to actually go through in other areas such as objects, views or other fields etc.

Did you checkout our Multi-Currency feature as mentioned in my earlier post?

So, you can try enabling the "Multi-currency" attribute on the object. Once enabled, you will be able to create a field of type "Base Currency" which can have its own currency format and will work off the value from the other currency field you have.

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