Can Reply-to Create a New Comment Record?

Posted by DuBose Griffin on 19-Sep-2016 22:20


I am struggling to understand how to achieve something that surely Rollbase can manage. We have our own custom Support Ticket app (not the Bug Tracker app). I would like to modify our app to accomplish a couple of tasks that it currently is not handling well.

1. I would like for comments (assuming the rollbase comment functionality is the best method) to be either public (sent and visible to client) or private (visible only to internal employees). When a new comment is created, I would have the default visibility set as private (check box) with the ability for the user to uncheck the box if the comment is to public and therefore sent to client via email.

2. Any email reply to a comment (whether public or private) generates a new comment record that is attached to the support ticket record. This is the most important functionality. What is occurring right now is the email recipient is replying to the email sent via a Send Email trigger when a new public comment is added. The reply is sent via email to the reply-to recipient and any cc's, but this communication is not recorded in the support ticket record itself inside the app. It makes tracking tickets next to impossible.


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Posted by DuBose Griffin on 22-Sep-2016 11:09

Does anyone have any feedback here? Was my question clear?

Posted by Nitin Kumar Singh on 28-Sep-2016 06:35

Hi DuBose,

1. Is the flag "isPrivate" set on record level or per-comment level ?

If this flag is set on record level. Visibility can be configured in the following way :

Say, we have a checkbox by integration name "isCommentPrivate" defined on object "Support Ticket" and 'client'/'internal employees' access the app via two different roles. We can configure field level permissions on per role basis. (Go to Object Definition page of 'support ticket', go to field 'comment', click on 'Permissions' tab and against role 'client'; configure conditional view permissions as "return !{!isCommentPrivate}; " )

This would hide complete comment box for role: 'Clients' when flag : isPrivate is checked.

2. This is a small workaround such that, when any email gets logged in Communication Log (a 1:M relationship with Communication Logs object will have to be created), the contents of the communication log is also created as comment and appended to existing list of comments for that particular object.

Go to "Communication Log" object, create a new trigger of type <Object Script>, set timings as <After Create>. In the formula window enter below js code. Here, R1677611 is the relationship name between Communication Log and <objectDef> or in your case 'Support Ticket'.

var rid = {!R1677611#id};
if(rid > 0) { //if this Communication Log is related to <objectDef>
  var res = "\nComment Log:"+"\nCreated At: "+"{!createdAt}"+"\nCreated By: "+"{!createdBy}"+"\nFrom: "+"{!from2#value}"+"\nTo: "+"{!to}"+"\nSubject :"+"{!name#text}"+"\nContent: "+"{!body}";

rbv_api.setFieldValue("State", {!}, "comment", res);

Does this help your cause?



Posted by DuBose Griffin on 11-Nov-2016 07:27

Thanks Nitin. I do not believe this will allow someone from outside of rollbase to reply to the the "reply-to" address and have their reply feed back into the ticket. Both the Bug Tracking and Help Desk apps are more geared towards internal communication for those using rollbase, rather than applications able to receive incoming mail and direct it to recipients and attach it to a record.

I appreciate it.

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