how to attched a file to email template

Posted by refael shira on 18-Sep-2016 06:49


how cane i attached a file to a mail template without using file URL .


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Posted by Manooj Murali on 19-Sep-2016 01:49

Have you tried adding the file field's token in the mail template? (or) if the file is based on a document template, then you could add a document template field and add that to the email template as its token.

Posted by Vasantha on 19-Sep-2016 01:59

Hi Refael,

There are two ways to attach files two ways in an email template:

1. If the attachment is specific to the record, create a field of type File Upload on the object and include that field in the email template

2. If the attachment is common to all the emails sent, store the attached file as a Hosted File (Settings / Hosted Files) and reference that hosted file in the email template.



Posted by refael shira on 19-Sep-2016 02:16


yes i tried and it work fine for a wail....

but in the last week (start form 11.9) i kept getting a "error sending email"  and it didn't stop Until  i delete the file token.

because of that i that it not the way..

i attached the error sending email:

Unable to send your email message "???? ???"




Reason: Error sending email message. Reason: "???? ???"




Domain contains illegal character

Message body:


??"? ???? ?? ???? ??? ????? ?????? :11/09/2016, 17:55

????? ????: ???? ???

???? ???:

???? ???? ?"?

???? ???.xlsx

maybe something Chang in the UTF-8?

Posted by refael shira on 19-Sep-2016 02:17

the file  attachment is specific to the record

Posted by Shivani Silveri on 19-Sep-2016 03:44

Hi Refael,

If the attachments are specific to the records, you could use 'Send To' available in the More actions of the List View page. By this, you could use the Email Template and attach the files specific to those records.

Hope this helps,



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