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Posted by Ramon Schouten on 15-Sep-2016 06:05

Dear Rollbase Team,

I recently changed the e-mail template for the welcoming mail of Rollbase.

Now whenever i create a new customer, all the sucbscribers under that customer receive the default mail again.

I want them to receive a custom mail, with my company's logo and all.

Is there a way to standardize this, so they will all receive the same mail?

I look forward to your response,

Kind regards,

Ramon Schouten

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Posted by Santosh Patel on 15-Sep-2016 06:40

The change to the mail template that you made is effected in the Rollbase app installed for the master tenant. The copy of Rollbase that is installed into a new customer that you create comes from the published app "Rollbase". Goto Marketplace app > Published Application tab. You need to update this copy of Rollbase for all your customers to receive the changed application.

I suggest you create a development customer now. This customer (lets call it devtenant) receives the default Rollbase app copy.

- Login to this customer and edit the email template on the user definition to your choice.

- Goto application setup and Generate XML from More Actions menu

- Give an appropriate version and export the app

- Login to your master tenant and goto Marketplace app > Published applications

- Edit the Rollbase app entry and update the Application XML field with the file exported earlier (You will have to put some values for certain mandatory fields like 2 screenshots and an app logo - Yes, we realize this is a pain and we are fixing this :) )

- Save the entry

Any customer created now will carry your changed email template. I'd suggest you keep this devtenant pristine and make further such changes required to the default Rollbase app and follow the above steps to publish a newer version.

Posted by Ramon Schouten on 15-Sep-2016 07:17

Thanks for the quick response Santosh!

This solved it indeed! You just saved my hours of searching in the root files!

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