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Posted by refael shira on 14-Sep-2016 07:38

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know whether it is possible to have a connection between two tenant.

I want that 1 tenant will be able to see record which belong to another tennat.



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Posted by Rajkumar Mateti on 14-Sep-2016 07:58

Hi refael,

Yes. You could achieve it One user multiple tenant feature(Public Cloud Only).

1) Lets say you have a user "userone" in tenant A.

2) Create a user in tenant B with same details(email address) of uesrone in tenant A.

3) Login with that user, you can find Switch tenant option at top right corner menu.

Using that you can switch between two tenants and can access applications as per permissions given to user role.



Posted by refael shira on 14-Sep-2016 08:03


thank you for the answer but my question is:

can I pass record between 2 tenant (I using in client side).



Posted by Srinivas Panyala on 14-Sep-2016 08:08

You can invoke REST API from client side to get the other tenant records.



Posted by Santosh Patel on 14-Sep-2016 22:49

Tenants in Rollbase are truly separate including their data. The one user multiple tenants option that Raj mentioned allows a user to switch between tenants but the data and apps are still very much disjoint.

There is an option but it depends on to what extent you want the two tenants interlaced.

You can have you data in D2C (Data Direct Cloud) and both your tenants can share the same data source. The apps installed in both tenants will be same. Hence, the data/objects backed by the common data source will show the same data in both tenants while regular objects (System and user created) of Rollbase will have their data compartmentalized per tenant. We are also planning to provide a generic JDBC connector which will let Rollbase connect to any data source in an adhoc manner which could be used in a similar manner.

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