New Sample App: How to create a Grid with multiple group by

Posted by Thierry Ciot on 07-Sep-2016 19:15

For those of you who have access to EAP marketplace (, we have published another sample on how to leverage Kendo UI Widgets and the client side API to create a data source.  This particular application is called "Grid with Multiple Group by".  

It shows a Kendo Grid which allows you to Group your Rollbase Object data with Multiple Columns. Data for this Grid is fetched by using Rollbase Client side API (rbf_selectQuery) methods to construct a Kendo Data Source.  The data source is then bound to Kendo Grid.   "Name" column is marked as not group-able, the remaining two columns can be used for grouping. 

Drag and drop the column in header to achieve grouping.  This works on mobile too (long press the column and drag it to the header).

Enjoy and if you like it please put a star rating in the marketplace - as well as comments.


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