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Posted by on 07-Sep-2016 07:10

Any one know how to capture the email tracking information (open, click, bounced ) from makreting software to rollbase.


1. Create account into sendgrid which can be used for multiple zone or one for each zone

2. Configure the sendgrid SMTP detail into rollbase email setting

3. Send email from rollbase. This will start showing up in SendGrid as email sent

4. Open the email from mail box.

5. This will send the Open event to Sendgrid. Now sendgrid has the callback(webhook) to send the information back to wherever y want

6. We wrote a PHP as call backURL which makes call to rollbase API to insert the event information(open click info)

Problem: SendGrid needs zone(customer id)  and email unique id to be passed in header, so that it can send that info to call back php. PHP will use that info to send that info to correct zone and email ID.

is it possible to send the customer id and email unique id to be passed in email header from rollbase

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Posted by Manooj Murali on 07-Sep-2016 07:41

We currently send all these info in the header parameter 'X-Rollbase'. But, this parameter is sent in the header only when the email has a Rollbase data associated with it say sending email as part of record creation etc.

The  value is <customer_id>@<records_obj_def_id>@<record_id>

Does this help?

Posted by on 08-Sep-2016 06:10

I tried <customer_id>@<records_obj_def_id>@<record_id> is not coming in sendgrid.

Do we have any example how we can get marketing software event (Open, click, bounced etc) back to rollbase. Thats very important functionality. Most of the CRM has the functionality where it tracks all the email send either by inbuild or integrate with other system like sendgrid, mailchimp and more.

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