Can I create a new role using the Rollbase REST API?

Posted by Bernard Moeskops on 05-Sep-2016 04:49

Dear Rollbase users,

I hope you can help.

Can I create a new role using the Rollbase REST API?
And what fields/id's should I use to do this succesfully?

So far I've been testing with

Best regards

Bernard Moeskops

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Posted by Manooj Murali on 05-Sep-2016 10:29

It is not possible to create new roles via API at the moment.

Posted by Bernard Moeskops on 06-Sep-2016 03:58

Thanks for your reply. This is very disappointing to me, because everything is automated (from creating customers, to installing applications) except creating a user role. The user role is required to manage permissions automatically. I sincerely hope that this will be implemented very soon.

Posted by Ramon Schouten on 06-Sep-2016 04:34

Fellow Rollbase Users and experts,

Bernard his problem is a returning problem, not only for him, but for myself as well.

Perhaps there is a method or way to let the newly created Customers keep the roles in the master tenant?

For example. If you create a new tenant/customer it will have the (self created) role "user of applications".

This problem is the same for having the branding custom made in the master tenant. When creating a new customer this will all reset back to the default.

I hope someone knows the answer to this. For it makes it nearly impossible to progress like this.

For Bernard Moeskops and myself.

I look forward to an answer.

Kind regards,

Ramon Schouten

Posted by Anoop Premachandran on 06-Sep-2016 08:08

You can create the role manually and and add it to the app and then the role gets installed as part of app install.

If you want users to have this role by default, you can use REST APIs or post App install script set that role to users...

Posted by Bernard Moeskops on 06-Sep-2016 08:27

Thanks for your reply Anoop, this might really help! Thanks. I will let you guys know.

Posted by Bernard Moeskops on 06-Sep-2016 08:49

Anoop sir, you have just made my day:)

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