rbf_setLookupFilter ??

Posted by smartsysISV on 02-Sep-2016 07:47

I try to set a lookup-filter like this:

function SetFilter() {
  if (rbf_isChecked("onlythismodel")) {
    var modid=parseInt({!R57950979.id});
    rbf_setLookupFilter("R68697015", "R63952036", modid);
  else {
    var brandid=parseInt({!R119561168#id});
    rbf_setLookupFilter("R68697015", "lu_brand", brandid);


But no filters appear??

Any idea?

How can i debug this?

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Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 09-Sep-2016 05:16

Hi Stein,

Can you please confirm if the Lookup field is configured as a picklist or selector.

Presently there are some restrictions on rbf_setLookupFilter API. It is only supported for Selector type lookup fields and additionally this lookup field should NOT have also been configured as a dependent  lookup on the form page.


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