Multiple ISV Partner Customers within one database

Posted by Bernard Moeskops on 30-Aug-2016 04:36

Hello everybody,

In our production environment we would like to have 2 ISV partners (Private Cloud). At this moment we can't seem to get this done. We have tried creating a customer, attaching an ISV partner and even tried to publish and push the ISV partner application. But nothing seems to work. 

Is there anybody who knows how to create this? We would really appreciate the help. 

The reason we want to have 2 ISV Partners is to be able to create customers in two separated production environments.

Thanks in advance.
Best regards
Bernard Moeskops

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Posted by Santosh Patel on 31-Aug-2016 01:47

Could you elaborate on these questions...

What doesn't seem to work? and

What do you mean by 'two separated production environments'?

Posted by Bernard Moeskops on 31-Aug-2016 02:11

Thanks for your reply. We work with two seperated Rollbase environments, test and production. We develop applications in our test environment. After finishing we install them in production. But we want to have the production environment split in half. By creating a second ISV partner customer. With this second ISV partner we would like to be able to push applications to customers of this second ISV partner. The other half is for own use and a few partners, but for us it is important to separate these and therefor we would like to have a second ISV partner. The different customers will be separated from eachother.

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