Rollbase v4.3 - Language Resource File Changes

Posted by Mayank Kumar on 29-Aug-2016 08:01

In Rollbase v4.3, we have made few changes to the language resource files. If you are using or doing local modifications to these files, you need to know about these changes.


Encoding changes

The change we made for v4.3 is the file encoding. From now on, every resource file is UTF-8 encoded. UTF-8 is the preferred encoding for web pages or communication over a network. This makes it more convenient to you as it allows to directly translate in your editor of choice. Prior to v4.3, Rollbase read all European languages in ISO-8859 encoding, but now it is reading all the resource files in UTF-8 only. The reason behind this is the incompatibility of ISO-8859 in a multilingual supported environment like Rollbase. We are in an era where we need to support multiple languages in the same sentence. For example, you can see all of English, العربية, 汉语, עִבְרִית, ελληνικά, and ភាសាខ្មែរ on the same web page, and to render all this correctly in the UI, we need to have an encoding standard that honors all of these character sets. Unicode is that standard and UTF-8 is the format we need. For customers who used to add their own resource files or update the resource translations, please make sure that you save the file as UTF-8 with BOM encoded only, otherwise, you might start seeing some encoding issues in the UI.


Namespacing language resource keys

We namespaced language resources so that they can be segregated as admin user resources and non-admin user resources. This was done so that one can gain some cost and performance benefit over the existing convention. We prefixed the admin user resources with ‘newui.admin.’ and the non-admin user resources with ‘’. If you want to add support for a particular language, but only for apps developed for end users, then you only need to add a language resource property file containing only entries for ‘’ prefixed resources. This will greatly reduce the cost and effort involved in the translation of resources.


Customers Upgrading to v4.3

This section applies only to customers who have created their own translation.

Because the resources in the Rollbase language files have so many changes, customers upgrading to Rollbase 4.3 need to upgrade their existing language resources to integrate the namespacing changes to their language resource files. If you haven’t created any translations, you can simply take the latest from Rollbase shared/res directory, but if you have your own translations in place, you need to update your existing resource files.


Important Notes:

To update your file with these namespacing changes, please reach out to Rollbase support and send a copy of your language resource files. We will update these files and send them back to you. Please make sure to back up your existing resources.

Also note that, to take the v4.3 changes (newly added resources), you still need to continue with the regular process you used to follow and make sure to maintain the encoding of the files as UTF-8 only.

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