4.2 - What happens to Created By and Updated By fields when

Posted by Meryk on 18-Aug-2016 04:42


I created a temporary user, and from that user created some records.

Now I deleted the temporary user, the records created from that user are still there, but they don't have fields Created By and Updated By anymore.

The fields are added in the View page, (we can see them in the design page), but they don't appear on the view page at all. These are screenshots of both design and view page (System Info Tab).

Is this something you can reproduce ? 

The idea is that we need to keep a record of all data, even if the user who created this data is deleted, in which case we would want to fill up this field with a text only (the User name ideally). But we need to know what happens to those fields first.

Thank you


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Posted by Shiva Duriseati on 18-Aug-2016 05:12

Hi Meryem,

Yes, we will be not showing "user name" not only for createdBy and updatedBy fields but also at other places like "Activity Trail Log" when user  is currently removed.

As a workaround please create a text fields with name "updatedBy" and "createdBy" and create a triggers of type "Update Field Value" and set "{!#CURR_USER.loginName}" to these values respectively. Or use could use single Object Script trigger and  use rbv_api.setFieldValue() API twice both for createdBy and updatedBy fields.(Ones which you created manually, for existing fields you cannot modify since they are read only fields.)



Posted by Meryk on 18-Aug-2016 06:41

Ok But are you saying that we cannot update fields Created By and Updated By ?

Posted by Shiva Duriseati on 18-Aug-2016 06:50

Yes, we cannot update them since they are read only fields, as I said create similar filelds of type text and update them via server side API'S.

Posted by Santosh Patel on 18-Aug-2016 10:49


This is all relational data and hence if you delete USER, you cannot reference user data like "User name", etc when looking at record's created By and similar fields. Our recommendation is to set a User to "No Access" role which will maintain such referential integrity and will show up data correctly.

Note that "No Access" roles are not counted against the user license. Also, as a safeguard you may want to enable locking on the USER object and lock records when changing role to "No Access".

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