Ampersand (&) in name return no results when used in con

Posted by pcs on 18-Aug-2016 01:19

When a Lookup uses a Selector with a List View which has a a Group By, and the field being grouped (e.g. name) has an ampersand (&) in one of the records, the result returns an empty set.

For example when looking up products by category:

which has a Group By defined in its view:

The result (of the lookup from a related object) is null (no records to display):

This is not the case when the view is used from say Products (not via a Lookup Selector).

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Posted by Shiva Duriseati on 18-Aug-2016 06:26


I tested this and couldn't reproduce in house can you share the text which contains "&" in your Products object. Also please provide your Rollbase version.

I tried to reproduce with below steps:

1)Created two objects Products and Order (M:1)

2)Created a view("ex: Custom View") in Products objects by Grouping "Product(integration name is "name")" and sorted by "Updated At".

3)Created few records with "&" in Products objects.

4)In the Order the lookup field uses selector and the view as ("Custom View ").

5)When I try to select the value using look up I am able to see all the records in the list view which are grouped by "Name" and sorted by "created at".

Please let me know If I missed anything from above steps.



Posted by pcs on 18-Aug-2016 20:39

Hi Shiva,

The problem occurs when you group on a related object. To replicate you need to relate your Product object with say the Account object (M:1) and then lookup Products by Account on the Order. If an Account has an ampersand (&) in the name it fails.

I have replicated the problem in the Order Management App (installed from the Marketplace):

1. From Products, Viewing All Products by Account succeeds. Note the name of the related account "Acme & Co":

2. Add a line Item to a Quote and lookup the product:

3. Viewing All Products is fine:

4. Viewing All Products by Account fails (when used with a Selector Lookup):

5. Changing the name of the account from "Acme & Co" to "Acme and Co" succeeds:

The problem can be replicated across the entire system, for any related object with an ampersand in the "Group By" field.

Please let me know the defect number when raised.


Posted by Sri Harsha on 20-Aug-2016 01:42


This is a bug and #51486 has been raised for the same.  

As a workaround for now,   please remove the grouped-by column (in your case 'Category') from the view.  

Steps for workaround:

1. Go the Edit page of the View. ( Go to Object Definition ==> Views ==>  Edit)

2. In the second section of the page, which is 'Columns' section,  move the column that is grouped-by to Left. (i.e,. in your case,  move the 'Category' column from right table to left. )

3. Save the View.

This should fix your issue of no records shown in the selector pop-up.

Please let me know if this works for you. We shall keep you posted on when this fix would be available in the product.

Thanks & Regards,


Posted by pcs on 20-Aug-2016 21:30

Hi Harsha,

Yes the workaround works. Look forward to the bug fix.

Thank you for your assistance to date.



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