Screen design - why so much white space?

Posted by Chris Swanson on 14-Aug-2016 16:12

Hi all - I am new to Rollbase and as a first project I am exploring how I can recreate a LongJump (aka Software AG Agile Apps) app in Rollbase.

I find it odd that the Rollbase interface leaves so much space unused by the labels or fields. My field labels are often cut off (I use long field names to better group fields) and there is a surprising amount of white space between the columns. For example...

The layout in LongJump appears to make better use of screen real estate...

I plan on adding Display names for fields instead of leaving the Integration Name on the pages, so that will bring some relief, however I wanted to ask what others think of the Rollbase page design and what options there may be to make adjustments. I went through the themes and did not find any that changed the column use behavior. I found some info from Theirry on creating custom Themes by uploading CSS files, however this seems involved and I am not experienced in CSS, so I would want to confirm if custom CSS files would be a solution to this topic.


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Posted by Thierry Ciot on 15-Aug-2016 16:36


The default % allocated to the width of the label versus value container is defaulting to favoring longer value than labels. This can be tailored.  Please try  &demoFieldsLayout=true on edit page or on object view to see a border around labels and values fields.  And you will immediately see where the space is allocated.

Obviously, we cannot provide a default that would work for everyone.  But there are several options for you:

1) You could try to set the section to use 4 columns - these will automatically be responsive and scale down to 2 columns when on smaller screen/device size and to 1 column on even smaller. -> goto page designer and set to 4 columns in section property.  From what you are pointing in your screenshot, at least in first section, should help fill up the space.

2) You could try to use the setting "Show Label Above field Value on all devices" -> Got to live preview to set this and see its effect without affecting all your users.  If you like it save it.

3) You can tailor the % of space allocated to the label versus the value using css override. In the future, we would like to provide a point and click mechanism for adjusting the %.  


Posted by Chris Swanson on 15-Aug-2016 22:48

Hi Thierry - thanks for the quick reply. I tried the 4 column solution and it looks very good...

Posted by Thierry Ciot on 16-Aug-2016 09:29


Your screenshot shows sections with only 2 field columns.  Would you mind posting the one with 4 columns?

Also, would be curious how it would work for you if you were to place labels above field values?  The advantage of this is that you have 100% of the available space for labels and values.


Posted by Chris Swanson on 18-Aug-2016 19:02

Thanks for the follow up. I lost my internet for 2 days (Tech cut my line in junction box to install someone else at condo!) and am just catching up. I am using 4 columns as you suggested. Columns 3 and 4 are empty...

I prefer the labels to the left, however I will explore with placing above.

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