[4.2] - Tabbing through changes the picklist option to the f

Posted by IramK on 08-Aug-2016 05:59


I was trying to tab through my fields on the EDIT page and I have some values set for my picklist items. When I tab through the picklist items, the values get set to the first option automatically without me clicking on anyone of them. Seems like a bug to me. This only happens on the Edit page. Works fine on the New page of a record. Kindly let me know when this would be fixed.



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Posted by Vasantha on 09-Aug-2016 01:09

Hi Iram,

I tried to reproduce the issue, but it is working fine for me.

Can you provide the application XML?



Posted by IramK on 09-Aug-2016 04:15

Hello Vasantha,

Quick question: When you tab through picklists, does it fire the onchange for those fields?

Posted by Vasantha on 09-Aug-2016 04:49

Hi Iram,




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