[4.2] - Section ID has changed in V4.2

Posted by IramK on 08-Aug-2016 05:28


I have been using the section ID to refer to different sections because the title's of those sections are the same. In version 4.0.2, I have used the section ID directly to refer to that because both the "Section ID" and the "Original ID" were the same. However in version 4.2, the section ID is different to that of the Original ID. When I use the section ID to show or hide a section, it doesn't work. However when I use the original ID, it works. Shouldn't rollbase consider both the ID's for backward compatibility?



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Posted by Mayank Kumar on 29-Aug-2016 05:34

Hi Iram,

I looked into the issue. As per the documentation, use Original ID instead of Section ID, as Original ID will be the same even if you import/export your app to other accounts. You can also use rbf_getSectionIdByTitle() API to get the Original ID of the section instead of hard coding the section ID in you JavaScript.




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