Keywords search has unexpected behavior

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On our private cloud edition, Rollbase

We have indexed an object which has about 25.000 records with a file attached in the "CV" file upload field.

When doing a keyword search:


 - Retrieves 6 records


 - Retrieves 11 records

boulanger AND marketing

 - Retrieves 3 records (including records which weren't in the 'marketing' search)

boulanger OR marketing

 - Retrieves 11 records (should retrieve at least 17 records??)


 - Retrieves 0 record (should retrieve at least 11 records?)


We have reindexed this object multiple times, and reasterted tomcat while emptying the work folder.
We always have the same results.

Our search server for this customer has the following configuration:

<Component name="SEARCH2" type="SEARCH">
<DisplayName>Search 2 (50.24)</DisplayName>


Why do we have wrong or incomplete search results (as shown above) when doing the keywords search?

Has this behaviour been fixed in more recent releases?

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Posted by Mani Kumar on 05-Aug-2016 05:26

Hi Romain,

There were few bugs addressed around this area in 3.0.5 release and I believe this should be one. However, I would be able to confirm the same if I can have a little deeper insight on this issue.

Can you please help me with below information :

1. Are the imported records/Objects are LDF enabled?

2. Does the search on records from other object show similar behavior?

3. Would you be able to provide a similar document as uploaded with smaller dataset?



Posted by on 08-Aug-2016 03:53

Hello Mani, thank you for your answer,

1 - The object / records do not have LDF enabled.

2 - On other objectfs / records, search works fine, but we do not have "file" indexing on other objects. This is the only object where we have a file upload field being indexed.

3 - I will try to find time this week to reproduce the problem on Rollbase Hosted Cloud, and if I have the same problem there, I will send you a link so that you can try it on the hosted cloud customer zone.

Thank you,

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