I would like to use eval condition in loop block without els

Posted by tanagorns@progress.in.th on 02-Aug-2016 06:21

Hi ! 

      IN Rollbase Private Cloud V .I have a serious question. I try to Eval block condition in word document template but i found problem about next-line and empty value in loop block. I would like to use condition eval without else condition in formula , is it possible? OK! I have example code see below.

Example Code:

#EVAL[{!AA_SPCo_Used#value}==true ? "{!AA_SPCo.AA_SPCo_logo}" : ""] << empty value in else condition

PS.I used this code for display Logo image in word document template.

Thanks in advice!!

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Posted by Shiva Duriseati on 02-Aug-2016 07:14

Hi Tana,

Could you try below one?









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