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Posted by abirRR on 02-Aug-2016 02:05

hi , 

how can i send email to selected user from one view?

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Posted by Rajkumar Mateti on 02-Aug-2016 23:42

HI abirRR,

We send a email to selected user in following way from View.

1) Select a record and Click on "Send To"  button from more actions.

2) In Send Email Page select the radio button "Specified address"

3) Select the user to whom want to send email from selector from "To" field.

4) Give the Email Subject and Email Body as you want

5) Click on Send.

Hope this helps.

Let us know if your requirement is something else.



Posted by on 06-Dec-2016 20:37

Is there way to preselect the email address?

If it not possible then we should think of enhancing to preselect the email address

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