rbf_selectQuery is not honoring isPrivate attribute on Event

Posted by mnashi on 25-Jul-2016 22:41

It seems rbf_selectQuery doesn't honor isPrivate attribute on Event object. I have a non administrator user. I was expecting not to see the records owned by other users, but the records which were returned in the client side javascript list the records belonging to other users also. This is very critical for our application. I am expecting this to behave similarity for REST api also. Could you let me know whether this will be fixed soon or if there is any workaround.

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Posted by Shiva Duriseati on 26-Jul-2016 02:37

Hi Mnashi,

Could you please share code snippet where you are seeing this problem? You should validate against "1" or "0" which is checked and unchecked respectively for "isPrivate".



Posted by Vasantha on 26-Jul-2016 02:42


Could you please let me know whether those two users has any direct relationship?

Private events and tasks are only visible to their creator, users with which they have direct relationships, and administrative users.



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