Error creating new record at specific tenant

Posted by on 20-Jul-2016 00:56


I am using ISV partner.

I publish an App, and on of my tenant can not creat one object record (he can creat records in the other objects at the same app) 

I get this error:

Would love your help! 



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Posted by Shiva Duriseati on 20-Jul-2016 01:40

Hi Tehila,

Can we get on a call to discuss this? Please send your availability to my email



Posted by Shiva Duriseati on 21-Jul-2016 02:59

Hi Tehila,

As suggested in the support case instead of creating field from "Update Field Value" trigger you could be using the following solution:

Create a related field in "Crane Object" by selecting the related object as "Summary Information" with related field "Amount of records".

This will resolve the problem.

Meanwhile we will investigate further to analyse the root cause for the error.



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