Update Rollbase User password in a portal page

Posted by tehilac@safeguard.co.il on 18-Jul-2016 01:53


Is it possible to create a portal page where Rollbase user can enter with the temporary password he received  via email and he can change his password at the portal page ?



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Posted by srikanth kasavajhula on 27-Jul-2016 09:08

Hi ,

There is a provision to login via loginName and temporary password , but the user  cant change the password .That particular field cannot be updated via portal  only in the case of Rollbase User Object.

If you create a separate object which manages users of the portal , the above action can be done  

In order to login by the loginName and temporary passowrd of Rolbase user , in the User object mark portal_visitor in the object attributes and create a login Page in the portal .

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