set first password to new user

Posted by on 11-Jul-2016 01:43

I want to create new user ( Rollbase users) and set for him the password.
is it possible??



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Posted by Manooj Murali on 11-Jul-2016 01:56

You can use the Rest API createRecord with @p1 parameter to do this. Refer  

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You can specify more the work process?

Currently users are managed by Rollbase.


Posted by Santosh Patel on 11-Jul-2016 06:40

This is possible only via REST API createRecord as Manooj mentioned and not achievable from inside Rollbase UI.

You need to invoke the createRecord REST API with all user details including a @p1 field and its value. Possible ways to achieve this is either a portal page or a Rollbase generic tab with the custom form for accepting User details including a password field (name attribute should be '@p1'). This form's submission should invoke a createRecord REST call (you can use Ajax here).

Posted by on 17-Jul-2016 01:49

I change my question ...

Is it possible to create a portal page where the user enters with the temporary password he received  and he can change his password at the portal page ?



Posted by srikanth kasavajhula on 27-Jul-2016 09:12

Hi ,

There is a provision to login via loginName and temporary password , but the user  cant change the password .That particular field cannot be updated via portal  only in the case of Rollbase User Object.

In order to login by the loginName and temporary passowrd of Rolbase user , in the User object mark portal_visitor in the object attributes and create a login Page in the portal .

If you create a separate object which manages users of the portal , the above action(change his password at portal page) can be done  

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