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Posted by tehilac@safeguard.co.il on 10-Jul-2016 14:38


We designed an App at Rollbase with the new UI. We have ISV Partner so all the users are Rollbase users (not portal users) is there an option to connect to Rollbase application from  a different domain?

We use it primarily in Mobile.



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Posted by Karthikeyan Bhaskaran on 10-Jul-2016 22:44

Hello Tehila,

The Rollbase website can be accessed from any domain as far as I have seen. Can you please clarify your requirement? Are you seeing any problems with Rollbase access?

Posted by tehilac@safeguard.co.il on 11-Jul-2016 00:45


I whant to Allow access to the applications  from the site of our company.

so the app will appears as an integral part of our company site. (Similar to the Web tab in Rollbase app)


Posted by Karthikeyan Bhaskaran on 13-Jul-2016 02:45

Please refer this documentation link for details on the overall features available for ISV Partners.


This should get you started.

Posted by tehilac@safeguard.co.il on 25-Jul-2016 03:03

Thank you!

The exmple in the document is missing.

Can you send me an exmple for this?

it would help me a lot.



Posted by Karthikeyan Bhaskaran on 25-Jul-2016 03:57

Hi Tehila,

Sorry, that documentation link didn't have the example.

Please use this:


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