Object Script doesnt work

Posted by Abir ben salem on 08-Jul-2016 20:31


when I debug my trigger , I get this error ; any idea please ?

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Posted by Shiva Duriseati on 11-Jul-2016 03:27

Hi Abir,

Can you replace the line

rbv_api.updateRecord('show_rest', id, {'the_amount_payable':sunOfSal},{'rest':rest});

with the below line and try again?

rbv_api.updateRecord('show_rest', id, {'the_amount_payable':sunOfSal,'rest':rest});

Since the Rollbase do not have any API as updateRecord(string,string,object,object).



Posted by Karthikeyan Bhaskaran on 13-Jul-2016 03:39
Did that work?
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